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Computer Architecture I: Digital Design


Fall 2012




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MARKS (Read below before viewing marks):  (Click here to download the marks file)

            The PDF file you download and view contains all marks for (a) Laboratory Attendance, (b) Laboratory Exercises, (c) Project, (d) Midterm #1, and (e) Midterm #2.  The marks are sorted in ascending order by student ID.

          As stated in lectures, the two midterm examinations are corrected for the entire class by a factor of +4 for Midterm #1 and +2 for Midterm #2.  The marks file contains raw scores (that is, the original mark received, without the correction factor) – each student should add the correction factors before calculating your weighted partial total mark.  To calculate the overall mark for the Laboratories as well as the weights for each evaluative component (ie. Labs, Project, Midterms, Final), read the Course Outline.  To illustrate the calculation of the Lab mark, use the following approach (also explained in the marks file):


                             Lab Mark = Attendance + Lab_Exercises = (Sum of lab attendance marks + 1)/10 + (Sum of lab exercise marks)/10


Note that each lab attendance mark is either 0 or 1, hence the maximum (Sum of lab attendance marks) is 9 with an extra bonus 1 added.  Dividing by 10 gives a mark between 0 and 1 (inclusive).  Each lab exercise was marked out of 10 and there were 9 exercises.  Thus, the maximum (Sum of lab exercise marks) is 90 and dividing by 10 gives a mark between 0 and 9 (inclusive).  Adding these two mark components gives the Lab Mark between 0 and 10 (inclusive).

          Projects were due no later than Thursday, November 22, 2012 and had to be presented for evaluation in the lab scheduled from 1:00pm to 2:20pm on that day.  Projects that were not submitted by that time, and in person, received marks of 0.

          Students should check the marks file for completeness and accuracy.  Note that some laboratory exercise marks may be juxtaposed (ie. interchanged) with other lab marks – in such cases, it is important that a complete set of marks is recorded, not the order of the marks.  Report all errors to Dr. Kent ( by email.  These can be verified after the Final Examination (see below or consult the Registrar for time/date of the Final Exam).


Fall 2012 Project Release:  Handed out in the lecture and labs (Click here to download).


Midterm 2:  Sample Answers


Midterm 1:  Sample Answers


Sample solutions for lab exercises have been posted for labs #1 to #9.


Thursday, December 13, 2012 08:30-11:30am, Neal Education Building, Room 1101













Lab Instructor:


Dr. Robert D. Kent
Office: LT

Tel:  (519) 253-3000 Ext. 2993

NOTE: Dr. Kent's office hours are: 12:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday and 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Wednesday (subject to cancellation without notice).  If he is in his office when you drop by at other times, he will try to accommodate you immediately if not busy. He will also monitor his email and try to respond to questions in a timely fashion.

Dr. Robert Kent          

Graduate Assistants:  Arushi Arora, Morteza Mashayekhi

GA Schedule:  (NOTE:  All course labs are held in Erie Hall 3119,  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:20pm.)


GA Office Hours:  In Java Lab ( Lab in Erie Hall 3119)




Office Hours


Arushi Arora

Thurs+alternate Wed

Wed 12:00noon-3:00pm


Morteza Mashayekhi

Tues+alternate Wed

Tues/Thurs 2:30pm-4:00pm


Midterm and Final Examination Samples:

Sample examinations (taken from previous semester course offerings) are provided only as an additional set of exercises.  There may be absolutely no relationship between these samples and the actual examinations that will be administered during this course.  Students are strongly advised against “studying for the examination” – a technique that works adversely to effective learning and academic achievement.  However, if you attempt all questions independently you can test yourself on the correct answers.


Fall 2010:       MIDTERM #2 – SAMPLE SOLUTIONS (Click Here).


Fall 2010:       MIDTERM #1 – version 01 -  SAMPLE SOLUTIONS (Click Here)  NOTE: Corrected version, November 15, 2010

Fall 2010:       MIDTERM #1 – version 02 -  SAMPLE SOLUTIONS (Click Here)  NOTE: Corrected version, November 15, 2010


Winter 2010:  MIDTERM #1 SAMPLE SOLUTIONS (Click Here)


Winter 2010:  MIDTERM #2 SAMPLE SOLUTIONS (Click Here)

Fall 2008 - Sample answer schemes for Midterm 1:   Version A – click here.   and   Version B – click here.






FINAL EXAMINATION Fall 2008 (Sample answers)


Lecture Slides: (Subject to change)

The slide sequences used in the lectures are original slides based on material in the course textbook and other sources.  Any errors in the slides provided below are the sole responsibility of Dr. Robert D. Kent; if any errors are found they should be reported to Dr. Kent for appropriate correction. 






Lecture 1: Introduction, von Neuman architecture

Lecture 1b: Numeric Representations



Lecture 2a: Boolean set theory, algebra, gates

Lecture 2b: Digital Logic



Lecture 3a: Simplification of Boolean expressions

Lecture 3b: Medium scale Integrated circuits



Lecture 4a: Combinational circuits for adders, subtracters and comparators

Lecture 4b: Introduction to Sequential circuits



Lecture 5: Combinational circuits for decoders and multiplexers



Lecture 6: Registers



Lecture 7: Register and Memory Transfers and Microoperations



Lecture 8: Basic Computer Organization and Design



Lecture 9: Final Lecture – Assembly Language




 Announcements:   [Top]


Announcements : Please check this page frequently for the important information related to the course.


Mar. 22, 2010

Project assigned.


MIDTERM APPEALS:  Appeals of Midterm marks require that the original test paper be submitted along with a brief note attached specifying which question(s) are being appealed and providing justification for the review.  All reviews will be done by Dr. Kent.  He will not review any paper or question(s) unless a justification is provided.

FINAL EXAMINATION APPEALS:  In the event of an appeal of the Final Examination grade, students must complete and file an Appeal form through the Registrar’s office.  There is a fee for an appeal.  Check with the Registrar’s office for details.

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